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As a trade fair organizer we want to make it easy for journalists to have access to information about our events and our company. We provide complimentary press passes only to qualified journalists who work for media companies that cover the R+T industry. Such journalists include editors, reporters, news photographers, freelance writers, producers, etc.

Obtaining a complimentary press pass

To receive a complimentary press pass, you must provide a valid press ID or valid press credentials of a domestic or foreign media company that is related to the theme of the trade fair.

Your press ID or your press credentials must be presented in Chinese or English and must not be older than six months from the date of the show. You can provide valid press credentials in one of the following ways:

a) By presenting original copies of published byline articles.

b) By presenting an original copy of formal information that identifies you as the editor or as a member or contributor on the permanent editorial staff of your publication or media company.

c) By presenting an original copy of a written order of editorial work with reference to our trade fair.

d) By providing a web link that identifies your association with an appropriate media company. In these cases, advance accreditation is required due to the increased time and effort involved in checking documentation.

e) By presenting a document proving that you work for a student newspaper or by presenting a valid ID from a youth press organization.

Please note the trade fair organizer reserves the right to verify your credentials and to request a valid personal document with a photo. In all cases, complimentary press passes are granted entirely at the discretion of the trade fair organizer.