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Booth number: N1D01

Production name: Bisen Intelligent Management Cloud Platform

Bisen Intelligent Management Cloud Platform consists of four parts, including gating equipments that equipped with WIFI/GPS intelligent module, mobile APP, PC client, cloud computing, could be upgraded “Swing Gate Opener, Sliding Gate Opener, Electric Retractable Door Opener, Indoor Swing Gate Opener, Outdoor Folding door Opener" and other traditional gating equipment products to intelligent products, to realize remote intelligent management for various types of access control equipment.

The user could achieve the following four functions through the mobile APP:

  • Substitute for remote control, remote open, close equipment;
  • Equipped with Bisen video monitoring system, remotely check the current situation for the running of gate;
  • When the gate break down or abnormalities, notify the user immediately;
  • Could set up multiple members, assigned different operating authority for different members.

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