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Who are co-exhibitors?

Companies, which are represented with their own display goods/ services and staff alongside the principal exhibitor on the stand area, rented by the principal exhibitor or the organizer of a joint participation.

I will exhibit at  R+T Asia 2017, how can share my booth with co-exhibitor?

In principal, each booth of the Exhibition shall only be used by one exhibitor who has signed the Terms & Conditions for Participation.

If any individual or unit other than the Exhibitor displays its product in the Exhibitor’s booth, it shall make special application with the Organizer and obtain the written approval of the Organizer.

Co-exhibitors shall sign related written commitment to ensure that they will abide by the provisions of the Terms & Conditions for Participation.

Without the prior written consent of the Organizer, the Exhibitor shall not move, exchange or share its booth with any third party, or transfer part or all of its booth to third party (other than the co-exhibitor approved by the Organizer or the company for which the Exhibitor acts as an agent).

Exhibitor can only apply for an overseas co-exhibitor, due to fact the booth will be based in the international area.