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Feb 1

Interview with Zeitgeber, Inc.

Introduction: Zeitgeber, Inc.

Zeitgeber, Inc. produces various kinds of blind materials and finished blind. Especially, they have been creating such practical and originative products of 3 dimensions as Duosys Wood, Duosys Triple, Duosys Duoshade, Smart Duoshade, etc. to be satisfied with new systems and fabrics including Smart Duoshade.

Interviewer: R+T Asia    Interviewee: Young-Taek,Kwon - President of Zeitgeber, Inc.

Question 1: What is the primary reason you chose to exhibit at R+T Stuttgart &R+T Asia? Where is your main export market?

Zeitgeber: We think your above two exhibitions are the most authoritative ones. Our main export market is U.S.A, Canada, Southeast Asian Countries, and China.

Question 2: What do you expect from the Chinese industry in the future?

Zeitgeber: We expect that high-end products will be produced at reasonable prices by combining our eco-friendly raw materials, advanced technology and China's production bases.

Question 3: China is a diverse country. As the company is already engaged in Chinese market for many years, what is your advice to those who are planning to enter into this market?

Zeitgeber: As the windows have been become larger and the functionality of windows has been increased, the blind should be more efficiently privacy-protective, energy-saved and eco-friendly.

Question 4: What it’s the highlight of Zeitgeber? Innovation in China is occurring a lot more than many people realize, please introduce your last innovate product.

Zeitgeber: We will introduce our Smart Duoshade with special functions that is furnished with upper part-opened while lower part closed in addition to normal whole part-opened and whole part-closed functions.

Question 5: What means the terms of “ SMART” and “ECOLOGIC” for Zeitgeber?

Zeitgeber: Smart is our special and intelligent function that makes lower part closed which upper part opened, Ecologic means eco-friendly phenomina that adsorb and decompose VOCs in the room such as Ammonia, form Aldehide, Benzene, Toluene & etc. and do antibacterial and antifungal activing.

Question 6: What do you think is the secret of Zeitgeber’s success?

Zeitgeber: We think that our success comes from our continuous consumer needs survey and active investment in R&D.


For more details about Zeitgeber, Inc., please go to the website.