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The sixth "International Window and Door Summit" for the sun protection and doors/gates sectors will be held during R+T Asia 2018. Which brings speakers from InnovAction prize in Stuttgart, too. The theme for the 2018 summit is "Think bigger, think better." The sun protection systems section of IWDS features hot topics, the smart home, and a discussion on sun shading solutions when it is combined with the whole building. IWDS's door and gate section will present two discussion panels: New safety aspects and solutions for doors and gates and the relevance of thermal insulation of doors for the planning of new buildings.

Hot topics:

  • Integration of curtain wall, door&window and sun protection system
  • Analysis on Current Exterior Sun Protection Industry
  • Small details make the difference – Effects of smart planning concepts of a new building regarding the effective combination of sun shading, lightning, daylight control, heating and cooling
  • Think better: Venetian blinds – How to use them effectively in combination with home automation to control sunlight and daylight
  • Market outlook: Energy-efficiency building and integration of door&window and sun protection system
  • Think better: New safety aspects and solutions for doors and gates
  • Strategies of Italian manufacturers to export worldwide
  • Current development trend of China door & gate industry
  • Think better: How do we deal with the security aspects/ requirements of doors in the future?
  • Think bigger: Doors as an essential part of the whole building


Olaf Voegele
Personal Information:
Olaf Voegele has been working for almost 30 years in the sun protection industry and has held several professional positions. He started as a manager of a medium-sized sun protection company with 80 employees, but he now works in Europe as a technical expert in the field of sun protection and gates. In addition, he has worked as an editor for the journal GLASWELT and is the president for the Institute for Building Analytics (IfGA). He knows the current state of the industry’s technical standards through his constant participation in several technical committees (BVT – doors and gates, ITRS – roller shutters, awnings, blinds).

Company profil:
The IfGA (Institute of Building Analytics) works to improve the ability of companies in the field of glass, windows, facades, and sun protection systems to provide professional consulting to architects and end users in the selection and application of the industry’s products.


Personal information:
Luo Jin is the deputy chief engineer of the Science & Technology Development Center of Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Tura Development Department. He is also the secretary-general and senior engineer of the Jiangsu Construction Machinery Metal Structure Association. For many years, he was engaged in research and promotion of door-and-window systems and exterior shading. Now he is the editor-in-chief for technical specifications of external window systems for residential buildings. He has published many academic papers about door and window systems and sun protection products in China.

Company information:
The Science & Technology Development Center of Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Rural Development is a department of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province, responsible for science and technology development in Jiangsu Province. It conducts research in technology and policy, project management of energy-saving and green building projects, advisory services for the construction industry, and more.




James Boston
Personal profile:
James Boston has over a decade of experience in business-to-business publishing and a strong understanding of manufacturing, finance, international trade, and the supply chain. A graduate of Melbourne University in both Commerce and Science, James has applied his business skills to build Boston Publishing, a specialist trade publisher for the fashion, interior design, architecture, and outdoor recreation industries. James brings a strong understanding of large and small business to his publishing and editing roles for print, online, and social media.
James founded Window Furnishings Australia magazine in 2006 and has grown the magazine into what is widely regarded as the number-one English-language specialist sun protection magazine in the world.
James is also a director of the digital agency Krafthaus and works with an extensive range of companies in different industries to develop digital solutions for today’s marketplace.

Michael Schneider:
Personal information:
Michael Schneider is the general manager for the China/Asian Market at Warema.  He is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in operational/commercial management of manufacturing and sales organizations in the Asia Pacific region.  Schneider drives growth through a sustainable business development process, partnerships, effective sales management, and acquisitions.