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Valuable background information for trade visitors

The fifth "International Window and Door Summit" for the sun protection and doors/gates sectors will be held during R+T Asia 2017.
The topics include:"Transformation of the exterior sun protection industry" and "Global Insights and Technologies". Experts from important global business associations will present the latest industrial trends and technologies in talks. Representatives of leading companies will showcase pioneering solutions for energy-efficient buildings and smart home concepts with case studies and best-practice examples.


Olaf Voegele
Personal Information:
Olaf Voegele has been working for almost 30 years in the sun protection industry and has held several professional positions. He started as a manager of a medium-sized sun protection company with 80 employees, but he now works in Europe as a technical expert in the field of sun protection and gates. In addition, he has worked as an editor for the journal GLASWELT and is the president for the Institute for Building Analytics (IfGA). He knows the current state of the industry’s technical standards through his constant participation in several technical committees (BVT – doors and gates, ITRS – roller shutters, awnings, blinds).

Company profil:
The IfGA (Institute of Building Analytics) works to improve the ability of companies in the field of glass, windows, facades, and sun protection systems to provide professional consulting to architects and end users in the selection and application of the industry’s products.

Speech information:

Topic: Regional Differences and Market Trends of European Sun Protection Industry
Description: In the European market, sun protection products maintain a high level of technology, quality, and specifications. Mr. Voegele, as a pioneer of the European sun protection industry, will present the latest information and dynamic trends.

Guido Zanotti
Personal information:
Guido Zanotti has been working in the door and gate industry for nearly two decades. As the general manager of UCCT, he manages the technical and promotional activities of the association. In 2012, he became vice president of E.D.S.F., the association for national associations and manufacturers of door and gate industries.
In his work for UCCT, he organizes official presentations at national trade fairs, meetings, and events. He has also developed a qualifying process for the installers and maintainers of fire doors. In addition, he works as a consultant for foreign companies seeking Italian partners in the doors and automations market.

Company profil:
UCCT is the association of leading manufacturers of garage doors, industrial doors, fire doors, automatic doors, drives, and accessories. The main objectives of UCCT are to monitor safety standards in the Italian doors and drive system market and to help its members implement European standards. UCCT is increasingly active in the field of training and qualification of installers of industry products.
UCCT presents the common interests of its 120 members, which are the major national companies and their Italian branches.

Speech information:
Topic: Insight of the European Door Industry
Description: The European door industry abides by strict regulations for energy savings and by industry standards. Mr. Zanotti will analyze the present market situation and provide an update on the latest developments and trends of the European door market.

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg
Personal information:
Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg is the head of PR & Communication at Ift Rosenheim. He has been a carpenter, timber construction and facade engineer, and marketing expert in the wood and windows industry for many years. He often shares his experience with others as a lecturer, speaker, and author.

Company profil:
Ift Rosenheim is a European testing, surveillance, and certification body that is internationally accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. It performs testing and classification of all characteristics of windows, facades, doors, gates, glass, and building materials. It aims to bring about sustained improvements in product quality, design, and technology, participating in standardization and research. Certification by Ift Rosenheim ensures acceptance throughout Europe. The company also disseminates knowledge as a part of its work. As an independent institute, the company enjoys a special status in the media, and its publications identify the current state of the art.

Speech information:

Topic: Construction of Innovative and Smart Building Elements by the Principles of Universal Design

Description: The European architecture market is almost saturated, and the demand for doors is slowly growing. This intensifies the competition among door companies and promotes technology innovation. Demand for doors tends to be more personalized to face the global trends in safety, comfort, customized design, and demographic development. Moreover, new technology and materials will continuously upgrade in the door market. Our speaker will talk about the application of advanced technology in Europe and how universal design is a solution to face these challenges.

Pan Guanjun
Personal information:
Pan Guanjun is senior engineer and president of the automatic and electric doors branch of the China Construction Metal Structure Association. He also serves as a member of the National Technical Committee on Curtain Walls and Windows Standardization Administration of China. Having worked in the automatic and electric door industry for more than 20 years, he has a wealth of expertise and management experience.

Company information:
The automatic and electric doors branch of the China Construction Metal Structure Association, established in 2004, is the first professional institution engaged in power-driven doors and windows such as automatic doors, retractable doors, garage doors, industrial doors, shutter doors, aircraft doors, electric fences. The association also compiles related standards, provides industry management and services, and it possesses recognized qualifications and authority in the industry.

Speech information:
Topic: How to produce the doors that meet the demand of the market
Description: coming soon

Personal information:
Luo Jin is the deputy chief engineer of the Science & Technology Development Center of Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Tura Development Department. He is also the secretary-general and senior engineer of the Jiangsu Construction Machinery Metal Structure Association. For many years, he was engaged in research and promotion of door-and-window systems and exterior shading. Now he is the editor-in-chief for technical specifications of external window systems for residential buildings. He has published many academic papers about door and window systems and sun protection products in China.

Company information:
The Science & Technology Development Center of Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Rural Development is a department of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province, responsible for science and technology development in Jiangsu Province. It conducts research in technology and policy, project management of energy-saving and green building projects, advisory services for the construction industry, and more.

Speech information:
Topic: Situation and Prospects of the Exterior Sun Protection Industry in China
Description: Years ago, Jiangsu Province released a “green building” policy for the sun protection industry. This presentation will talk about the problems and barriers of implementing this policy and discuss current future prospects for this industry.


Ted Varani
Personal information:

Based in Shanghai, Ted Varani leads Gale Pacific’s business in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and southern Africa. He has 20 years in global sales, business development, channel development, and operational management for both Fortune 200 multinationals and start-ups, selling technical products and solutions in the fields of healthcare, transportation, IT, and specialized materials. Ted has recently been exclusively involved in the promotion of Gale Pacific’s exterior sun protection solutions used in tensile architecture, window coverings, and agriculture. In this capacity Ted is involved in both the mass retail market as well as the business-to-business commercial market. Ted is originally from the USA but has been based in China the past 9 years. He holds an MBA from the HEC School of Management in Paris, France.

Riccardo Gasperotti
Personal information:
Riccardo Gasperotti is co-owner and sales director of his company. He has worked for over 40 years in the company, contributing to the strategic marketing of anti-burglary doors.
He was involved in the development of the security door in Italy since its inception in the 1970s, from simple metal reinforcement installed on wooden doors, to the performance guaranteed by modern doors. Among other things, he was first to use European cylinder door locks, even when all producers used double-map locks.
He was active in industry associations in Italy and engaged in public administration.
Today, he is driven by a passion for research techniques and style, a passion that pushes him to constantly look for new solutions for customers.

James Boston
Personal profile:
James Boston has over a decade of experience in business-to-business publishing and a strong understanding of manufacturing, finance, international trade, and the supply chain. A graduate of Melbourne University in both Commerce and Science, James has applied his business skills to build Boston Publishing, a specialist trade publisher for the fashion, interior design, architecture, and outdoor recreation industries. James brings a strong understanding of large and small business to his publishing and editing roles for print, online, and social media.
James founded Window Furnishings Australia magazine in 2006 and has grown the magazine into what is widely regarded as the number-one English-language specialist sun protection magazine in the world.
James is also a director of the digital agency Krafthaus and works with an extensive range of companies in different industries to develop digital solutions for today’s marketplace.

Michael Schneider:
Personal information:
Michael Schneider is the general manager for the China/Asian Market at Warema.  He is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in operational/commercial management of manufacturing and sales organizations in the Asia Pacific region.  Schneider drives growth through a sustainable business development process, partnerships, effective sales management, and acquisitions.

Liu Jinguo (Daniel Liu)
Personal information:
Daniel Liu graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1995. He is now the general manager of Honeywell’s security doors and fire doors department.

Liu Xinchang
Personal information:
Liu Xinchang has 30 years of experience in the door industry in China and overseas. From 1988 to 1998 he worked at Hong Kong Langtech Machinery Co., Ltd. as sales manager, responsible for sales of European machinery and equipment in China. In 1998, he joined Hörmann China as the deputy general manager. Now he is the managing director, in charge of sales and service in the Chinese market.

Yu Luting (Laban Yu)
Personal information:
Mr. Laban Yu is the marketing team leader of ZigBee Member Group China and vice director of Wulian marketing.

Zhou Huajun (Newjun)
Personal information:
Newjun majored in Computer Science and engaged in computer education for four years and R&D of internet products for seven years. He joined Sleek China in 2007 and was in charge of the technology service of door & window access system products. He is now the director of the R&D Center at Sleek, in charge of the R&D of intelligent door & window products. The first fully-automatic horizontal pivoting window in the industry was made by the Sleek R&D Center.

Dong Xiaofeng (Paul Dong)
Personal information:
Paul Dong earned his bachelor’s degree in law, and he is now the executive general manager and marketing director of the KKD group. For the last seven years, he has been engaged in the door industry, having gained abundant experience in brand operation, channel management, terminal management, and team management.

Yin Wen
Personal information:
For more than 20 years, Yin Wen has been dedicated to the healthy and sustainable development of Mingcheng Enterprise, seeking scientific and technological innovation in construction, and developing and promoting energy conservation and sun-shading products. Yin Wen has served as the chairman of the Sun-Protection and Window Decoration Industrial Alliance, vice president of the Building Sun-Protection Committee of the China Construction Metal Structure Association, executive director of the China Building Energy Efficiency Association, member of the Chinese Passive Construction Union, deputy director of the Guangdong Building Energy Efficiency Association, and vice president and director of special building shading committees, and other duties.
Yin Wen studies ancient Chinese culture and collects antiques, especially pre-Han dynasty jade items, rock Buddha statues of the Wei Jin Sui and Tang dynasties, and antiques in the Ming and Qing dynasties.