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Materia Exhibition “Magnificent Materials” in Shanghai

During R+T Asia in Shanghai from 21 until 23 March 2017, Materia will be present with the exhibition “Magnificent Materials. This exhibition consists of a mix of special materials for interior and architecture. No less than 250 beautiful materials will inspire the visitor.
Whether it is about natural cork or raw concrete, shining cheerful plastic or fragile subtle silk, industrial metal or luxurious natural stone: every material has its own charm and extraordinary qualities. And the modern and innovative versions of these materials are multifunctional, smart, original, sustainable and beautiful. Whether it is for furniture, interior, exterior or window coverings, the possibilities nowadays are endless. In short: for an extended overview of the new and magnificent materials, visit “Magnificent Materials” during R&T Asia in Shanghai!

3D metalmesh MET278 by 3D Metalforming

High Energy Hydroforming (HEH) is the process of forming sheet/thick plate metal using explosive materials. In general, a metal sheet is placed on a die. The die cavity is vacuumed and the assembly is placed in water. An explosive charge is detonated under water pushing the sheet into the die in about 2 milliseconds. HEH offers unique technical opportunities because it can be applied in any shape (double curved) and mass. Sizes range currently up to 8x2 meters or 5×5 meters, with thicknesses from 0,3 mm aluminium to 150 mm stainless steel, for example. Many types of aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, Invar and nickel have been successfully formed by 3D Metal Forming processes.

2,5D print COA140, by Schmitz Designstudio

The Elevated Graphics Collection is a collection of flat and rigid surfaces printed with multiple layers of ink, up to 10mm, creating a very detailed relief in full colour. A key difference with 3D printing is the use of an ultraviolet hardening ink. A UV lamp integrated in the print head dries the CMYK ink as it is printed. This texture has a decorative effect, with the small, raised ink deposits forming full-colour patterns across the printed area. With their ‘Elevated Graphics’ collection, designers Jannie Schmitz and Daan de Haan have created a range of highly detailed relief in full colour.

Kumpu ONA507, by Introcdc

KUMPU is a 3D knitted surface and is available in 100% Trevira CS (fire retardant) and 100% wool varieties.
his material is suitable for use in both contract business and public spaces including hotels, offices and also in high-end home decorations.
The collection consists of exclusive knitted fabrics, blankets, wallpaper, pillowcases and paper napkins. Original hand painted, digital, woven, knitted and sewed surface designs are possible.

Tandem acousticsONA601, by Maxq Holzmarketing

Acoustically working design element for the interior construction and furniture fronts. Highly absorbing (class A), alphaW 0.90 and TÜV certified. Using dynan0 technology, Valchromat MDF boards are for the first time provided with microfine hole channels. The original aesthetic is preserved, giving architects and designers the necessary freedom, while meeting the requirements for the professional. The line of Valchromat of Tandem Acoustics uses the entire lively colour spectrum of the Valchromat collection of sound absorption.

The boards are 3.050 x 1.220 x 16 mm, with a hole diameter of 0.5 mm.

Natural gloss COA180, by Genesis

As long as it is dry, almost everything can be poured and filled with this transparent high gloss epoxy paint used by the Dutch company Genesis for a wide range of innovative applications. Among these are numerous different kinds of natural materials such as shells, wood, seeds, nutshells and beautiful wood structures.
This coating was originally developed for the furniture industry, to preserve materials while giving them a luxurious gloss at the same time. Genesis PD takes this a step further by using the epoxy to pour into decorative materials.
Free of sulphur and with a melting point of 200°C, this material is also scratch and fire resistant.

ONA257 Cocoontec, by Weisbros-Zurrer

Cocoontec is a silk fabric, suitable for ties, scarves and other silk products.
An extremely oleophobic (= oil repellent) surface finish is an advantage for silk ties, and for the material used in clothes for special occasions, so that soiling by various forms of food can be avoided. Conventional wet chemical finishes repel dirt by means of siloxane or fluorocarbon chemicals, partially combined with structural effects caused by nanoparticles. They affect the sheathing of the fibres, and the subsequent resinifying, whereby coating layers in the micrometer range are required. This affects the feel of the fabric.

Patterned MET289, by Rimex

These patterned finishes are manufactured by cold rolling various patterns into metals including stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized steel and even some ductile metals like copper in sheet and coil format. The patterned product is then always levelled and processed for optimum flatness.
Aesthetically, these patterned finishes provide a large selection of random and symmetrical designs that are modern and attractive in appearance. By producing this product, it eliminates defects like oil canning which can be reduced by using the patterned finishes to provide improved optical flatness thus making the product ideal for cladding systems.
The presence of a patterned finish will also hide scratches, dents and other impact damage, unlike plain flat and polished metals which too readily reveal the lightest of impact. These finishes are tried and tested, having been used for over 40 years because of their anti-vandal and durability properties.

Pinwool ONA465, by Tante Lotte

These self-adhesive seat or wall-cushioning materials are acoustically effective decoration elements, pin walls or room partitions made from wool.
Pinwool enhances the acoustic and indoor climate (humidity and insulation effect), cleans and filters toxic substances such as formaldehyde from the air, is hypo allergenic (no mites!), dirt-repellent, self-cleaning and made from 100% renewable raw materials.
The panels are made from a high quality cloth with a performance of 37.000 Martindale. (Note: The Martindale Method is used to test the scrub resistance of textiles)

PLA347 Pyrogel, by Aspen Aerogels

Pyrogel material is a high temperature insulation blanket, formed of nano-porous silica aerogel and re-inforced with a non-woven carbon- and glassfibre batting. Silica aerogel possess the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid material. Pyrogel can be used for insulating curved and complex surfaces. The material has extreme low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, good flexibility, and the ease of use has made it suitable for thermal protection and many high temperature applications.
Using patented nanotechnology the Pyrogel materials combine a silica aerogel with reinforced fibres. It can be cut using conventional textile cutting tools including (electric) scissors.

Recycled textile COA146, by Rolsma Paint

Recycled Textile on the Wall and Recycled Jeans on the Wall are sustainable wall and ceiling decorations made of textile fibres. One version is made of recycled fibres, while the other is made of new fibres. Discarded clothes and jeans are turned into a decorative and acoustic wall covering by unraveling the clothes and mixing the resulting fibers with a biobased glue. By using fibres of different colours and with additions to the fibres, interesting decorative effects can be created.
The mixture is directly applied to the wall.

Sibu PLA878, by Sibu design

The Sibu MultiStyle collection consists of mirror and metallic surfaces with a mosaic look. These materials are characterized by their extreme flexibility and are therefore suitable for a great variety of applications. Even curved surfaces can be easily achieved with these mosaic mirrors.
From mirrors to a multi-coloured mother-of-pearl effect, Sibu MultiSyle available in sizes of 260 x 100cm, with or without an adhesive backing. Some decors are available in a flame retardant version according to EN 13501-1.
Sibu Design is a producer of high quality polystyrene design sheets for interiors. These sheets have been specially developed for use in interior design, furniture manufacture, shop concept, fashion and architecture.

WOO214 Prebeam, by MDT flexible products

PreBeam® is low weight construction material for support of thin plates. Suitable for simple manufacturing of curved surfaces.

The profles are mainly characterised by:

  • Very low weight
  • Flexible during the shaping process
  • Easy to shape
  • Economic
  • Very strong and stiff end-product

Possible applications of PreBeam® are:

  • sets and scenery (film, TV, theatre)
  • decoration (retail, fairs, interiors)
  • manufacturing of templets and curve ruler
  • industry (stiffening, fixtures)
  • mashine shielding
  • design and architecture (mock-ups and development)