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R+T Asia is a must-attend, three-day business-to-business international trade show for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems.

Show News
The rise of China and the Asia Pacific region has attracted worldwide attention for the last several decades, as the area has become a prominent and major international market through One Belt/One Road Initiative and BRICS countries. From March 20-22, 2018, R+T Asia brings its impressive global showcase for roller shutters, doors/gates, windows, and sun protection systems to Shanghai, one of the most dynamic and strategic cities in the world.
Industry News
Many Western producers of sun protection systems, roller shutters, shadings, entry and garage doors believe that there is no space for their products in China, “the world’s largest factory.” Many claim that they will never be able to compete with made-in-China products.....
Materia, the global network for materials innovation, will present a specially curated material selection for the Asian market at R+T Asia 2016. The collection is titled " Daylight Lovers" as daylight is essential for our health and state of mind. It is a great free source of energy and an indispensable ingredient in architecture. At this exhibition, Materia brings you the newest, most innovative and unique materials that excel by playing with light...


InnovAction the online system for the latest products of the show



Hörmann tubular door and partition wall system is made of high strength steel tubular and large size glazing. Tubular door system is a popular product system that is widely used in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and various industrial and public projects. Hörmann could provide individual doors and big size partition wall.


Barrier free life means the improvement of quality oflife, the comfortable pursuit of barrier free covers all social ages from young to elderly and from healthy people to the patients needed care. Märsdekor "feels barrier free" space solutions and integrates products into the "people-oriented" environment.


Boda overhead-hanging automatic door, it's completely independent intellectual property rights of invention patent product (patent no.:201310649257.5), the new electric door operation mode is invent by the company, has made a revolutionary break through.


Somfy new acoustic standard motors for IWC market. Available with a wide range of torques and speeds to motorize large application, however demanding interms of aesthetics, well-being and silence. The Sonesse® range is so easy to integrate that you can optimize your productivity without changing your assembly methods.


Shangri-La shade is both a curtain, sheer and venetian in one blind making it one of the most innovative and versatile window coverings. Made of a durable nylon and polyester blend, they give people the sheer look butare durable and tough.


The overall look with the thin and numerous looking 40 ribs, do give a reference to umbrellas from the ancient China of Qin dynasty. The total look is modern but with strong Chinese style. The pin to hold the umbrella up, has it's own matching style and can be easily stored in the holder on the pole.

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Companies, which are represented with their own display goods/ services and staff alongside the principal exhibitor on the stand area, rented by the principal exhibitor or the organizer of a joint participation.

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In principal, each booth of the Exhibition shall only be used by one exhibitor who has signed the Terms & Conditions for Participation.

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